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Dear Campus Club Members,

Welcome back to Campus Club and another exciting upcoming year. Our 2019-20 year was cut short due to Covid-19, necessitating the cancellation of several programs.  These past few months have caused uncertainty, and we have all had to learn how to stay safe.

Going forward, as your President, I want you to know we are working to develop virtual programs for the fall and winter and hope to have in-person events in the spring and summer, including many activities that were cancelled this past spring.  The results of our recent membership survey will be very helpful in designing these programs. We are, of course, also following Duke’s guidelines for safety.

Several interest groups are meeting virtually over the summer. Please go to the Event Calendar tab to check the schedule and to the Interest Group tab to learn more about the different Interest Groups.

By now you have received your reminder email to renew your membership.  We hope you will take the time now to renew your membership online as it is quick and easy to do so.

I hope you have an enjoyable summer.  If you want to reach out to me, feel free to contact me at

Best Regards,

Andrea Erwin


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Upcoming Events

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